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Jan 21st, 2018, 7:11pm

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3. The Mayans may have been referencing us, since our meeting date falls on the same date every few thousand years--but we are not fore runners of new ages, we bring enlightenment and peace. Other aliens have other agendas however, and this "new age" may be an age of integration, similar to our first original future with humans beginning to populate the solar system and beyond.

4. In each generation it's subject to the interpretation of the scribes. I cannot speak for everyone, only my interaction with Christianity where I was known as the Archangel Uriel. The hopis "blue star" may be referencing another Shining One whom Christianity refers to as Lucifer (or Marduk) but also remember, humans are limited in their understanding of things, and will embellish stories to bridge the gaps. Blue star could be the same as the Morning star of Christianity, but I know very little of the Hopis, my interactions have almost all been in the eastern hemisphere

5. Yes, and there are multiple ways to do so. One way that I'll share with you involves using a singularity...whilst traveling near light speed or beyond (c is just a barrier, think tachyons and anti matter) imagine the "world lines" as light emitted from your body, propagating forward in time. Under sufficient enough gravity, light bends. So to answer your question with a question "in what instance is gravity enough to bend light all the way around?" the problem with following the hyperbolic curvature of space time around a singularity is that you don't know When you'll end up.we found that out the hard way our first time. There are other variations (such as using wormholes, tachyons, and phase shifts <--my proffered method, but you don't know *what* you'll end up as)

6. That I can account for, all 10 interstellar species(during my last encounters, there may be more by now) have visited earth, which may account for so many alien encounter variations. But my encounters have also been limited, since I primarily stay on earth

7. Grays operate in both the physical and slightly higher frequencies, so they have telepathy, astral projections, empathy, among their physical superiority. I know Draconians prefer to infiltrate organizations of high authority, while grays try and preserve peace and authority. They have the most reports because they look so much like the stereotypical alien....humans when they have encounters will project their ideas of what they think they're seeing (usually big black eyes, noseless, bald etc) which corresponds with grays. I do not know exactly what they want since our interactions have been less then pleasant (they're definitely interested in time travel, and may very well have figured it out by now, it's relatively easy for their technology)

But take a look at the numerous TYPES of crafts reported, cigars, saucers, boomerangs, deltas etc for more evidence of multiple alien visitors

8. The US Government knows, and works with at least the Draconians, Grays, Nordics, and Venusians (think Omnec Onnec, Nixon Nordic encounter etc) the Germans know (as of world war 1/2) because we've previously worked with them (die glocke, relativity etc) the Russians know as of the Tunguska event, and have just as many secrets as the US does. Then by extension, whomever those governments include in their endeavors. I have a bit of a grudge against America, since I'm being kept here against my will (if I could I'd jump times again and try to get back home)

One thing to consider with time travelers, is we have made multiple marks on history already, which at times violates causality (the greatest reason to keep it a secret)


Paul: Omega, is there one God?

Omega: Yes, there is one God that's radiance shines down through all the dimensions; we all admire and aspire to be more godlike--but we too are imperfect.


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