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Jan 21st, 2018, 6:56pm

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xx Marissa Reyna, Reptilian Hybrid Part 1
« Thread started on: Dec 6th, 2012, 03:46am »

Interview with Marissa Reyna and Lezet, Reptilian Hybrids
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner
Paranormal Hotline 4 Investigations: 916 203 7503
Email: pauld5606@comcast.net

I Wonder if You Could Take Me Home - Lisa Lisa
Theme Song for this Interview - Favorite Song of Lezet

Zapp & Roger Computer Love
Favorite Song by Marissa

Interview Date: December 5, 2012, Saturday
Location: Starbucks – 1340 Franklin Road, Yuba City, CA
Time of Interview: 1800 Hours

Special Note: Marissa and members of her family may have a history of alien abductions within her family. Abductions possibly from Reptilian aliens. Is it possible that Marissa and some of her family members carry 'Reptilian' DNA? Can they possibly be Reptilian hybrids? Lezet showed me a picture in which her eyes changed into what appears to be 'reptile' eyes. Lezet seems to have an alien implant in the palm of her hand. When Lezet was born, she had a green back - documented by a medical staff. Lezet has odd blotches on her back (see photo) and she has two scoop marks near both of her breast areas. Lezet's mother on the other hand has a bb size object in her leg thigh, I was able to feel the implant in Lezet's hand and Marissa's leg thigh. I could not detect an entry wound for the bb sized implant in Marisa's leg. So the question is...'how did it get there?' Now to the interview.

Question: Marissa, before we get into this interview, can you tell me something personal about yourself? Tell us about your family life, recreational activities, hobbies? What is your favorite song? What movies, TV shows, books do you like?

Answer: I’m a mother of four. I’m not into TV. I am a recreational type of person, I love camping, I have a shotgun, I like shooting. I collect rocks. I am very spiritual. I am not sure where I am at in my belief in God. I have struggled in most of my life. I try to be the best mom I can for my 4 kids. I like to watch the Science Channel, History Channel and any paranormal show. I love Jason Marz, Nora Jones, Adele. I listen to oldies, I like everything. I have a lot of spiritual books, Wiccan books, healing books, Native Indian books. I practice crystal healing. I am into dream books and the Zodiac. I also love to scrapbook.

Question: Does alien abductions run in your family? Please explain.

Answer: I believe they do. I believe my mother and my father were once abducted. My grandmother would tell me weird things. I saw my grandma move a quarter with her eyes. Also, my great uncle was a magician seemed to have unusual talents. I would sit on the cardboard box with my great uncle as he did tricks. He was called Fred the Fantastic, he would swallow flaming swords. He was also a famous wrestler, called Black Snake. He was a wrestler in the 1950s. Note: My uncle Chuy Villalobos aka El Lobo was also a wrestler back in the 50s and wrestled with Pepper Gomez, Haystack Calhoun and Ray Stevens.

Question: When was your first abduction?

Answer: I was only abducted once, during the year of 1997. My whole neighborhood in Dixon, CA saw a UFO. The UFO was a triangular UFO. It had 3 main lights, it was dark metallic black. I had a lot of gold on that day and I have learned later that UFOs may be attracted to gold as told in the Sumerian clay tablets. It was this UFO that abducted me, I went to sleep that night. Then I woke up in the field the very next day, no shoes on, just socks. There were stickers in my socks, that is why I know I was in the field.

Question: Can you please describe the aliens that abducted you?

Answer: I started getting flashbacks, I saw a silver room. The beings were wearing bright reflective gowns. Their faces were dark, I can see their darks eyes, small tiny mouth. I knew I was strapped down. I was strapped down to something shiny and hard. I saw no straps, which was kind of weird. Note: Perhaps the aliens paralyzed her? They placed a large needle into my naval. I was pregnant when I was abducted. When I had Lezet, her back was completely green. The green lasted until she was 4 years old. The greenish started shrinking, then light spots started showing up on her shoulder.
Special Note: This reminds me of the Green Children of Woolpit, see story here:

Note: Marissa was compelled to the crop circle that was seen in Fairfield in 2003. This is the crop circle:
Marissa conducted a full investigation in this crop circle and took samples of the wheat and observed the letter L in the middle of the crop circle.

Lezet tells me: “I saved my grandmother’s life through her dreams. She was lying on a massage table and she was ready to fall off. I told her to wake up in Spanish and I do not speak Spanish, but in this dream I spoke fluent Spanish. I feel I have superhuman type of abilities, I can see spirits, I can sense things, I feel I have a 6th sense”. Note: I believe Lezet is a Psychic Medium.

Question: How do they abduct you?

Answer: I know they took me out of my room. I believe they floated me out of my room. Paul, I want to tell you that I have a scoop mark on my left thigh and a tiny, tiny mark on my left arm. Note: I touched the tiny scoop mark and it’s hard to see with the naked eye, but you can actually feel an aberration. I will take a picture of the scoop mark on her thigh by the end of the night. Lezet has an implant on her left palm and I was able to touch it and feel the hardness. Lezet has scoop mark on her right shoulder.

Paul, I have to tell you, I also saw some UFOs recently. 8 months ago was the third one at my brother’s house in Yuba City, I saw it first with my own eyes and then later through a telescope. The UFO was shrinking big and small. Note: What she is describing is ‘powering up’. With the telescope, the UFO looked like it has an Aztec design around it. It was globe shaped. The colors it emitted were red in the center, green, purple and blue on the outside of it.

Paul: Marissa, that was your 3rd sighting, tell me about the first one! Marissa: We were camping at Stoney Gorge in Northern California. It was 3am and I had to go to the bathroom and my former husband walked outside with me. I could see the UFO, it was the brightest thing in the sky and it was shining a beam of light into the mountain and it beamed a cow into the ship. It was disc shaped.

Marissa: My second one was right here in town (Yuba City) going to Vacaville. I saw a white light in the sky. I was telling Lezet to get her camera. By the time Lezet got her camera, it shrunk and disappeared.

Note: While taking a break, Lezet explains to me that her stepbrother witnessed a Chupacabra in the town of Vacaville. Lezet will now explain.

Lezet: My stepbrother said that he saw a creature that had short arms, bipedal, he had fangs, beak looking face and he killed a cat, shredded it and ate it. He hopped a 6 foot fence.

Marissa: Another odd thing that happened, is when I give birth, my uterus seems to prolapsed. For some reason it wants to come out.

Paul: Marissa this was an incredible interview. I believe you and Lezet have some extraordinary abilities and I welcome you both on my team – with HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International). Are you ready to do some monster hunting, UFO hunting and ghost hunting?

Answer: Heck yeah! Note: Richard Rivas – their uncle is an HPI Paranormal Investigator.

Question: If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Thor, Benjamin Franklin, Neil Armstrong, Batman, Tony Somprano, Hercules, a Reptilian alien. Answers were provided by Marissa and her daughter Lezet.

Question: How can your readers contact you?

Answer: marissanjulian69@gmail.com

Question: Any words of wisdom for your readers?

Marissa: Believe! Anything is possible. Everything happens for a reason.

Special Note: Lezet was 2001 Miss Sacramento.


Dec 8, 2012 Sat: Need one investigator, two psychics. 2911 D Street, Sacramento, CA - Contact: Hjulia.mjehovich38@gmail.com - Lisa Steele/Eleanor Marie are coming. 916 505 7917 - this investigation is being rescheduled in January.

Can't tell you the name of the show, can't tell you the network that will be airing it, but I can tell you that we will start filming in January! Chantal Apodaca, HPI General Manager and I met with (first name only) Mike at Starbucks on 15th and Broadway, Sacramento to go over details of the pilot! We met on December 2, 2012, time: 1930 Hours. We signed contracts for the pilot and if we are successful, we will have our own TV series!

Irma Gonzales

I received this report via the paranormal hotline and the caller sent me the report via email. Here is her report: "Hi Paul: it was great talking to you. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and some reports have recently been talked about amongst many people here on Beechmont Avenue and surrounding neighborhoods in Anderson township where these black eyed children are coming up to house doors and car doors after midnight and before 5 o'clock in the morning when people are half asleep. The children go into ranting spells, and they are at the point where they are tired of taking no for an answer. One child is a dark haired boy not yet in pre-teen years looking Amish but having a button down white shirt on and bow tie with black pants (looking like he is ready for a church event in an Amish country).

Reports have stated where some of these black eyed children have (white sclera) parts of the eyes but minutes later turn all black where no iris and no pupil and no sclera is showing. Now the beta reticuli do not have any visible signs of an iris ring, these black eyed children migh
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