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xx Interview with Ghost Girls of Ghost TV Part 2
« Thread started on: Oct 11th, 2008, 12:41am »

Question: Does the Ghost Girls only investigate ghosts?
Nancy: "No, we investigate anything paranormal."
Shannon: And we like to investigate barstools.

Question: Where are you going to investigate next?
Nancy: " The Ione Hotel in Ione, California. It is represented in my book GOLD RUSH GHOSTS and in need of an update."

Shannon: I cannot wait! Thank you to the Ione hotel for the free hotel rooms! Ione Rules!

Question: Nancy: Tell us about your part with Discovery Channel's Haunted Hotels?

"It's actually the TRAVEL CHANNELS HAUNTED HOTEL SERIES that I am a part of, everyone check your local listings. I am also on GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO # 31 KMAX TV the 2nd Friday morning of every month at 9:30 am, and on radio 101.9 THE FOX the 3rd Tuesday night of every month at 7:00 pm. I have two of my own tv shows as well, THE NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC HOUR the 2nd Wed. night of each month on Channel 17, and INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN WITH GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS the 4th Wed. night of every month at 8:00 pm. I guest all over the place, the information is in the NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC NEWSLETTER. I have written over 1000 articles about ghosts and the paranormal, the latest about the Vineyard House and it appears this week at: WWW.HAUNTEDAMERICATOURS.COM "

Question: Shannon: Tell us about your part in Two Four Productions - "Conversation with a Serial Killer."

Shannon- Paul and I were asked by Two Four Productions to do their show about Richard Trenton Chase. He is one hell of a crazy serial killer. He ate people for cryin' out loud. We investigated a bunch of places that he frequented, and also did the Preston Castle in Ione. It was pretty amazing some of the stuff we picked up. Congrats to Jen and Holly of HPI for getting the "restless womans" evp. That one is sure to go down in history! I cannot wait to go there with Ghost Girls, that place is exciting!
And the episode is airing in Oct 2008 in London on the LIVING network, soon to be in the USA!

Question: Why can't Paul keep a girlfriend? Anyone can take that question.
Nancy here: "The question REALLY is: Why can't a girlfriend keep PAUL?!"

Shannon: Paul cannot keep a girlfriend because I have him WAY to busy doing ghostly projects for me. What woman could compete with that. They'd all want to kick I disagree.

Question: Shannon, what have you done with Haunted America Tours? Haunted America Tours has been an absolute Godsend to me. They have promoted me, HPI, & Ghost Girls so well that we are nationally & internationally recognized now! Thank you www.HauntedAmericaTours.com, and especially Ricardo & Karen. I love them!

Question: Nancy & Shannon: What are your hobbies and recreational activities?
Nancy: "I'm a dancer, and I run an animal rescue where we provide for animals of abuse, abandonment and caught in disasters. We support non-kill shelters. My organization is: The Bandit/Beardog Rescue."

Shannon: Hobbies, hum.... watching my favorite movie, Practical Magic, making herbal concoctions, eating Kraft Mac & Cheese out of coffee cups, and drinking almond champagne. All at the same time.

Question: Nancy & Shannon: If you can have 6 dinner guests, 3 fictional and 3 real-life from any time period, who would those 6 people be and why?
Nancy: "1. Betty Boop (cause I look like her and have her attitude) 2. Albert Einstein (good conversation and would keep my mind active - I'm a fan) 3. Milton Berle (Because I miss him and love him) 4.5.6. My Mom, Dad and Brother Bill because I miss them terribly in the flesh."

Shannon: 6 guests: Emile Hirsch, cause I love him, can you tell? A ghost, any will do, Drew Barrymore.. nah screw that... she'd steal my thunder with Emile. I think I'd just like to have him for dinner... I mean at dinner.

Question: Nancy & Shannon: If you could go into any time machine, what year would you stop at and tell us why.

Nancy: "I love the 1930's, 40's. Easier time, more romantic and glamorous. I would look HOT in those full ball gowns!"

Shannon: Definitely the Renaissance Period. I'd like to whip King Henry the VIII into submission. And also the 1850's cause I just love Charles Dickens... I can always be found at the Dicken's Fair and most Renaissance Faires in N. CA. I just LOVE those two time periods!

Question: Nancy & Shannon: What TV shows, movies, cartoons do you like?
Nancy: "I don't have much time for these, but my favorite movie is THE BIRDCAGE, I LOVE Two and a Half Men and Dancing with the Stars on TV."

Shannon: South Park Rules!

Question: Nancy & Shannon: What books do you enjoy?
Nancy: "Breakfast at Tiffany's/ Truman Capote, Summer of 42/ Herman Raucher, all history and biographies, I memorize law books, and lately I also enjoy James Patterson novels."

Shannon: Interview with a Vampire, The Divinci Code, Practical Magic all great reads!

Question: Nancy & Shannon: What gives you your creative energy?
Nancy: "Dancing, music, animals, colors, and the beauty of nature."

Shannon: Booze. Just kidding, I really like being creative, I always have been. It's in me blood matey!

Question: Nancy & Shannon: This ends the interview, any encouraging words of wisdom?
Nancy: "Stay on the pure side if you want to become more psychic. Do not depend on tools and games. So many people want to become psychic and what I can offer is that being a real psychic is a gift that is simply between you and nature. Be kind to those closest to the universe, animals (pure souls) and stay close nature. If you do these things, being psychic to your own development ability simply cannot help but rub off on you."

Shannon: Please do not eat yellow snow.

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