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xx Interview with Ghost Girls of Ghost TV Part 1
« Thread started on: Oct 11th, 2008, 12:40am »

Interview with Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic and Shannon McCabe - Ghosthunter Extraordinaire (Ghost Girls)
Interviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, Publisher www.jazmaonline.com - General Manager - H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International).
Ghost Girls Paranormal Investigator and Cast Member.

Question: Nancy & Shannon: Tell us something personal about yourself, your family life, schools you went to, etc.
Nancy: ~ I was born in New York and came to So. California where I graduated schools. I was the first of 3 kids born to parents that loved each other until they left this planet, and now love each other on the other side. I am the mother of 2 kids and married 15 years to the love of my life Robert Reppert, who runs GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, and is a winning hypnotist and inventor. I am the mother of two accomplished children, Robin and Bob. My complete bio is on my web: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG
And my Press Kit is available to all media.

Shannon- I'm the other half of Ghost Girls... the scientific one. I really go out and look for hard evidence to support Nancy's psychic feelings. We work REALLY well together as a team. I am married to a wonderful guy, Bruce Kubel and have a cute lil baby poodle, named Rocket. I have been studying the paranormal for about 14 years and have been the president of H.P.I. International since 2004. My complete bio can be found at www.ShannonMcCabe.com

Question: Nancy, as a celebrity psychic are you able to discuss some of your past celebrity clients?
" No. I have a vast celebrity following in the world of entertainment, sports and government, but I keep ALL my clients and their information confidential. It's an integrity thing with me, and what my clients expect of me."

Question: Nancy, when did you first learn you had psychic abilities?
"I was born psychic as everyone is, but in my case I was lucky to be born into a family where the gift was never taken away from me. My father was a certified genius and even at an early age when I would give his professor friends predictions or unprompted Readings and they looked to him for answers, he would simply say 'If my kid says she sees it, then she sees it!' So with that kind of support I was able to continue to grow psychically without prejudice."

Question: Nancy, have you worked with the police on some cases?
"Yes. Many."

Question: Shannon, how did you become interested in the paranormal? When I was a child I loved scary movies like Poltergeist and Freddy Kreuger.. I'd say that the scary movies got me most interested.

Question: Shannon, how did you become the President of HPI? I came in, I saw, I kicked it's ass. Courtesy of Ghostbusters.

Question: Shannon, as a ghosthunter extraordinaire....what is your most memorable case? Lots of them are memorable, but a really great one was at the Preston Castle in Ione, CA. It was for a television series called "Conversations with a Serial Killer, Richard Trenton Chase". I had the building moaning at us, chains rattling, a spirit callling us 'restless womans'... yeah, that was memorable. Info about the show is located at www.HPIparanormal.net

Question: Nancy, tell us about the investigative team Gold Rush Ghosts.
" My husband Robert is the President of GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS and we are solicited to go all across the world to find answers to unexplained strange occurances. We do not solicit members and take people around to supposed haunted sites."

Question: Nancy, what books have you published?
"Among them are: GOLD RUSH GHOSTS THE BIG PICTURE, which is in it's 5th printing. It was GOLD RUSH GHOSTS that started the paranormal phenomena in the gold rush country that so many other groups are now picking up on. As for my other books, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO NANCY is considered the finest book on psychic development on the market, and BIZARRE & GHOSTLY TALES FOR THE CAMPFIRE is perhaps my favorite, which tells tales that gives goose-bumps to the hardiest souls around.

Question: Nancy, tell us about Journey into the Unknown.
"It is actually a TV show called INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN with GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANROMAL INVESTIGATORS. It is on Channel 17 the 4th Wed. night of every month. I took my finest paranormal students and worked with them to become the finest in the world at identifying the TRUTH in what is out there, and also finding explanations for what is/or was/ considered paranormal activity which we were able to easily explain away. We are out for, and report only, TRUTH."

Question: Shannon, is it true that Paul Dale Roberts is one of your heroes? Paul is my nemesis.. Nah really, he is my Mulder to his Scully. We get along like peanut butter & jelly. Mulder & Scully.. Peanut butter & Jelly... that kinda rhymes...

Question: Shannon, is it true that Paul Dale Roberts is your half brother? I think we must have been related in a past life or something. I seem to be one of the only females on this planet that can stand his idiosyncrasies. This would be why he doesn't have a steady girlfriend.

Question: Shannon, if Paul Dale Roberts is not your half brother, is it true you have a crush on him? Paul is delusional. I like men that don't smell like cologne and mullets. Yes, mullets smell like Kentucky.

Question: Nancy & Shannon: Okay, tell us about Ghost Girls, how did this come about?
Nancy: GHOST GIRLS was born out of friendship and comradeship. Shannon was in need of a REAL psychic, and I was finding I was not interested in the technical aspects of paranormal investigations. So we formed a team where we are almost 100% on the mark looking for and finding activity. As one of the top ten psychics in the world, and Shannon with her inquisitive mind, we are an unbeatable team. We are currently being looked at for a national TV series, and are also on the GHOST CHANNEL."

Question: What type of equipment does the Ghost Girls use on their investigation?
"My organization TRUTH CENTER, now sharing with GHOST GIRLS, holds over a million dollars worth of the most up-to-date state-of-the-art paranormal equipment in the world. My husband just invented a new paranormal piece of equipment that will blow peoples sox off and takes us to a complete new level in the work. It will now be added to our collection. More of that later."

Shannon- And I get to use the totally awesome thermal camera called a FLIR. Love it!

Question: What cases have you worked on so far?
Nancy:"As for me, all my work is confidential in respect for families, law enforcement, legal issues for trial, and also my own integrity. I will never offer any information to the general public about my cases unless it goes to trial and I am asked to testify. Then it is public record."

Shannon: I'll tell... Basically every building in the N. CA area that people say is haunted, I have visited. Also I have explored all over Nevada, Florida, Tennessee, Mexico, Canada and other various places!

Question: Where can we watch an episode of Ghost Girls?
Nancy: "The DVD's are available at WWW.GHOSTGIRLS.NET, WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG, and through the NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC NEWSLETTER. People can subscribe to the newsletter through my web or during a Reading with me in my office or over the phone. We take Master Card and Visa, it is $25.00 a year to subscribe to the newsletter.

Question: Who is part of the Ghost Girls Investigative Team?
Nancy: "We have a wonderful staff of the most gifted. There is Rodney Roberts who just passed away and who STILL remains our head investigator. There is my husband Robert Reppert, camera and technical, Paul Dale Roberts, ( we insist on the best writer), Bryan Coleman, award winning video camera person, Bob King, my son and new to the crew on camera, Jennifer Baca, Cat Noble and Judy Cooper, seasoned investigators."

Question: If Ghost Girls became a movie, who would play Nancy Bradley and who would play Shannon McCabe?

Shannon: I want Emile Hirsh to play Paul Dale Roberts so that I can make out with him.

Question: Nancy & Shannon: Would you say that Brad Pitt really does look like Paul Dale Roberts?
Nancy again: "Hell, PAUL DALE IS MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN BRAD PITT. And more MASCULINE. Brad Pitt looks like a GIRL!"

Shannon: He's no Emile Hirsch.

Question: Can you tell us about the Ghost Girls Halloween Party?
Nancy again: "I will be in Santa Barbara with the Travel Channel on Halloween so Shannon will be representing Ghost Girls on this one. Lets leave this one to her to answer."

Shannon- The Ghost Girls are sponsoring a fabulous HAUNTED ball at the Sequoia Mansion in Placerville. We will be having costume contests, tours, dance contests, DJ music by Chad Stalzer, Tours given by me courtesy of www.ElDoradoCountyTours.com, and lots of other haunted fun. I definitely urge you to go if you are looking for a Halloween party! This is the one! www.GhostGirls.net for party info!

Question: What is the Ghost Girls website? Any other websites you want to mention?

Shannon: www.HPIparanormal.net and
www.ShannonMcCabe.com and

Question: How can the Ghost Girls be contacted?
Nancy: "At any of the above addys or: NANCYBRADLEY@NANCYBRADLEY.ORG "

Question: If the Ghost Girls had to go up against Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, who would win and why?

Nancy here: " WE WOULD! We would scare the hell out of them, they would NOT HAVE a CHANCE. Believe me, we have clearly been up against a lot worse, alive and dead!"

Shannon: Well in a past life, I dated Mike, and let me tell you... he is a killer in bed, but he has NOTHING on Freddy K.

Question: Does the Ghost Girls only investigate ghosts?
Nancy: "No, we investig
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