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xx Interview with Leatherface of Off-the-Hook TV
« Thread started on: Aug 14th, 2008, 11:35pm »

Interview with Leatherface of Off-The-Hook TV
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, President - Jazma Online! www.jazmaonline.com
General Manager/Ghostwriter - HPI Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International

Question: How did you get involved with Off-the-Hook TV?
a. I started Off The Hook TV in 2004 shortly after my appearance on "Viva La
Bam" a Jackass spin off mixed with the every day life of Bam Margera. My
sidekick Executioner and I was tag team partners back in our wrestling days
and continued on with the new production.

Question: Who came up with the name?
a. Your interviewing him now!

Question: Tell us something personal about yourself, where you were born,
your family, where you were raised. Maybe a secret about your first
a. I was born in Modesto Ca in 1975, I moved to Sacramento at 1 1/2 years

Question: Who do you have in your crew?
a. Shorty after forming Off The Hook TV Executioner and I hand picked local
talent "Flex" in which can fart on command by intaking air anytime he wants
into his anus aka (The Reverse Fart). Then came Tony Gold which was the
close friend to Flex and a daring bootyshort wearing stuntman. Now we were 4
strong and with that 4 we have achieved many exciting things in only 4

Question: What is the connection with ECW? I heard you are a wrestler?
What is your wrestling name and are any other crew members wrestlers? What
are their wrestling names?
a. My trainer was Sam Fatu aka the Tonga Kid former WWF/WWE wrestler (The
Islanders) he wrestled ECW allot and when your his student you get to go do
and see amazing things. I wrestled as Leatherface, Big Papa Plump, Hellrazor
and the Jester. Executioner wrestled as well as well... the Executioner. No
one else in the group in a trained wrestler however the crew has been in a
ring at one point in time.

Question: How did you get into videography?
a. I started recording and doing films as early as 3rd grade when I made a
hand puppet breakdance to "Romancing the Stone" song from the movie. I set
up my own VHS camera and produced the whole thing. Over the years

Question: How come Off the Hook TV is now involved with HPI (Haunted and
Paranormal Investigations International)?
a. I decided to grow a wild hair out my butt and find a local investigation
company and WHAMMO I found HPI on the internet.

Question: How can someone contact you?

a. offthehooktv@gmail.com

s. www.offthehooktv.com

Question: How can someone contact you?

> Question: What is your website address?

And check out our brand new message board at www.offthehooktv.com/community

Question: Why are you guys hooked on the paranormal now?
a. Who said we were hooked on it just now?

Question: Can you give us the link to some of your videos and your latest
Sonoma video link?
a. Youtube video Sonoma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZB-yKLwC9I
Youtube video The Line Game:
Youtube video Legalize Ferrets:
Youtube video Legalize Ferrets 2:
Partner Channel: http://www.youtube.com/offthehooktelevision

Question: What books, comic books, movies, TV shows do you like?
a. Harry Potter, X-men, Evil Dead 1-2-3, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mole
and Wipeout.

Question: What is your real name?
a. Telly Blackwood

Question: Do you like hanging out with that Paul Dale Roberts guy?
Great guy! Just wouldn't want to be in car with him his driving scares the
crap out of me. Almost as if he has a ferret running around by his feet
hitting the brake allot

Question: Do you plan to chase more ghosties?
a. Oh yeah we are already geared up and ready LOL! Tony is convinced he will
soil himself with brown water next trip.

Question: Since I have a comic book site, would you like to see Off the Hook
TV made into a comic book?
a. Only if you can make me not look as FAT then we got a deal!

Question: This ends the interview, are there any words of wisdom you would
like to share with your fans?
a. If you can't believe in yourself then what can you believe in? Never give
up hope! and thanks for being there with us 4 years strong.
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