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Jan 21st, 2018, 7:06pm

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xx Strange occurences -Need Advice
« Thread started on: Nov 11th, 2011, 3:21pm »

In the past year I have been experiencing some strange occurrences.

The first occurrence I was sleeping and I woke to see a strange emerald green light with a brilliant white light surrounding the green. At first I was frightened and put the blankets over my head, and thought this cannot be happening. Still scared I removed the blankets over my head and was overwhelmed with the feeling of being loved and I was told by "it" that everything is going to be okay, just go back to sleep, you will be fine. Feeling safe and warm I fell back to sleep not knowing what it was, but I felt safe.

The second occurrence I was watching Ghost Hunters, but had paused the show on my DVR because my friend had called. I was in a dark room with the door closed the only light was from the TV that was stuck on pause. There was no flickering from this paused TV. About a half an hour later I saw flashes of lights. At first I dismissed the flashes thinking it must be from the TV. But then I looked up at the window and saw a blond haired and piercing blue eyed being. There was a brilliant white light around this being and it stared at me. I froze in fright, my friend noticed I was not listening to her and I told her I had to go. I hung up, but was still frozen in fear. Then the being suddenly shrunk into a white light (kind of like an orb) and flew off.

I am not sure what to make of my experiences. Are these Angels? If they were Angels then why was I so frightened by the one in the window? I am not scared of the being in the window anymore. After it left the fear went away. Now I am just curious. What is that I am encountering and am I crazy? My brain cannot wrap around the last experience at all.

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