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Jan 21st, 2018, 7:12pm

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xx My Ghost Story -- HELP?!
« Thread started on: Sep 7th, 2010, 2:23pm »

The summer of 2008, my father past away. It wasn’t at all a peaceful death. He had done one of the worst things I could ever imagine him doing; committing suicide. My father wasn’t a peaceful man. My mother, brother, and I fled from him when I was young because of the dangerous environment we were enduring. But that summer my family and I took a trip to California to identify the body…this was the first time seeing him in 10 years. This wasn’t at all how I wanted to reunite with him. At the ceremony of spreading his ashes, his most prized possessions were divided among his six children. My brother and I received the empty box and bag that his ashes were held in. I wasn’t thrilled at the gift, but I was appreciative to receive anything after our time apart from him and his family.
When we returned home to Texas we set the ash box at the tip top of the book shelf in our living room so that we could acknowledge it was there, but not be forced with grief every time we saw it. The next summer on the anniversary of his death I began to experience a series of overwhelming nightmares. At first I pushed them off as just stress, but as the nightmares continued on the more I was beginning to think otherwise.
When the nightmares first began I was in the setting of the scene of the car accident that killed an old friend of mine. I stood idly as I watched the paramedics and police officers do their jobs to clean up the scene. There were no emotions, no thoughts running through my head, and no actions being taken. I was just simply standing there. It became even more strange when the same kind of dream happened the next few nights, except instead of my friend, it was my older step brother. I was on the shore of the lake where his camping trip with his friends took place. I stood there watching him swim from one side to the other and eventually watched him struggle and then disappear under the water. Again, I just stood there. I did nothing.
These dreams of me experiencing or ‘reliving’ these incidents of the people I loved who were now deceased continued on for weeks until they finally turned in the direction of my father. The first time I dreamt of him it was just from the time that he committed suicide and then forwards. However, every time after that when I dreamt of him, the dream would somehow rewind itself a little further back and then replay itself. [[for example. Day 1: the incident. Day 2: The drive. Day 3: The phone call. Day 4: The fight, etc]].
At first, I was just reliving his death, but as days went on, I was beginning to relive my childhood with him which is not at all a pleasant one. Every night at almost the same time [between 3-4AM] I woke up trembling, terrified, and completely overwhelmed. Each time I woke up would be more unpleasant than the night before. I can still remember waking up thinking I was screaming, but realizing I couldn’t speak or scream at all. My chest would feel heavy as if someone was pressing down on me and every scream made it harder to breath. The room would feel small, dark, and extremely unwelcoming. These nights continued to the point where I was afraid to sleep at night. I had tried one night to sleep with all the lights on, but that didn’t hinder the nightmares. I resorted to sleeping during the day, downstairs or in the family room; I was too afraid to be in my room. I eventually became sick with the lack of sleep. The doctors tried diagnosing me with anxiety and insomnia, but there was more to it than that. I refused the options of medication and therapy because I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me there was something wrong with me. There was something going on and I couldn’t explain it in a way to get anyone to understand.
Eventually, the nightmares faded after my mother hide my father’s ash box in the garden and I was able to sleep in my room again.
But the dreams weren’t the only thing that was controlling my day to day life. Every time I would do something or go somewhere with someone that maybe my father didn’t agree with, I would smell this overpowering smell that smelt like cigarettes my father used to smoke. For example, one of my best guy friends and I went to a movie and when we took our seats it smelt like someone who had just smoked a cigarette had previously sat where we were sitting. The longer I sat there, the stronger the smell got. It was so overwhelming at one point that I had to excuse myself from the auditorium because the smell was making me sick and my head hurt and my nose burn. This happened a few more times, mostly when I was on my own. And it’s weird because no one I associate with now smokes.

Sooner or later, the smell and the dreams stopped and my life resumed to its normal routine.

But now that it is the summer of 2010, the second anniversary of my father’s death, more things have started happening. The last few months, the tension in this house has become overwhelming. Relationships of a close family have started falling apart. I noticed we were fighting on a daily bases and that there is so much hate in the atmosphere. My mother, who was once my best friend became my worst enemy. I knew something was different. Before making some huge decisions in my life I knew that I needed to get away for a little while. I took time to spend a couple weeks with my Aunt in St. Louis and the love and calmness of her home was so refreshing and welcoming to me that I never wanted to go back home; I was afraid to go back home. I hadn’t experienced any nightmares or anything of the sort and I was afraid of going back to that. But when the time came, I did return home. What’s even more strange is that as soon as I pulled up to the drive way of my house, I felt the hostility again and I couldn’t sleep peacefully that night.
My best friend had moved in a few months prior to my return home and she told me that she had experienced a nightmare very similar to mine. She sympathized. I was grateful to finally have someone who understood. She also informed me of some strange things that had occurred while I was away. She told me that while sleeping in our room one night, she felt uncomfortable and anxious. She showed me that she left all the doors shut in our room and left only the light over my sink on so that there was a little bit of light in the room. She continued on and told me that when she woke up from her nightmare, the light above the sink was off. In addition to that, the closet door right next to the sink was slightly open and the light was on. I figured it was just coincidence and thought nothing of it.
But that wasn’t the last of the strange things we experienced.

1. A week or so after returning home while I was in the shower I heard loud shuffling and sounds coming from my room as if there were people moving large furniture around my room. Of course, there was nothing out of place. When I told my friend/roommate, she told me she experienced the same thing a few days ago but thought nothing of it.
2. My friend/roommate and I were sleeping in my room and around 4:13AM a soft voice pulled my subconscious from dreaming to reality as it said my name. It startled me awake and I sat up and nothing was there. I convinced myself it was nothing and forced myself to fall back asleep. A second time I was awaken I laid there with my eyes closed listening to whatever it was say my name. “Brandice…Brandice…”. This time it was a little louder and I could locate it at the left side at the foot of my bed. It continued to say my name over and over until I finally opened my eyes and once I did, it was gone. The atmosphere was different this time. It was quiet, but something wasn’t right. I tried falling back asleep and once I did, a few hours later, I was awaken a THIRD time by something tugging the stuffed animal I was curled up with almost completely out of my arms. I was so startled I slept in the living room.
3. Another day I was in the house alone. My parents were at work, my roommate/friend was on her way home from doing errands and my brothers were leaving to go out. I locked the door to my bedroom, because my brothers hadn’t left quite yet before I jumped in the shower. As I was finishing up my shower, I heard a soft knock at the door. I almost missed it. I assumed it was my roommate/friend letting me know she was home, so I said aloud “Come in”. There wasn’t a reply right away, but as I looked over my shoulder, the door was open about a foot and a half. I got out of the shower and looked for my cat who might have pushed it open, but she was no where to be found. I was even more horrified to realize that I had locked the door.
4. On my last night in town, my friend/roommate and I stayed up and had a movie night. She left to go to the bathroom after one of our movies and I sat in the living room on my laptop. She came in to the living room just moments afterwards, pale white and shaken. She asked if I had been in the room while she was. I replied telling her that I was in the living room the entire time. She continued to tell me that she heard MY voice, plain as day, say “You’re still in the bathroom?!” and then laugh as if I had just entered the room and sat on my bed.

I moved to my Aunt’s house in St. Louis and there was only one night that really made me unnerved. I was studying in the living room one night and everyone had just gone off to bed. I heard someone say my name and then say “hello” behind me. I looked and no one was there. I double checked with my Aunt to make sure that she hadn’t called me and of course, she hadn’t. I gathered my things and pursued to my room down stairs and I continued to feel uncomfortable and nervous, as if someone was watching me. I left a lamp plugged in and said my prayers. As soon as I was starting to fall asleep, the lamp burnt out and there was a shadow of a man in the corner of the room that just stood there.

I'm not sure what any of this means and I need answers! Help?
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xx Re: My Ghost Story -- HELP?!
« Reply #1 on: Apr 5th, 2011, 12:07am »

i believe that most people have spirits attatched to them. when we die from whatever happened to us, those spirits no longer have what i call a host for them to cling to. they look for a new host to cling to now. sometimes it may be an object or a person. they have become familiar to thier host so they look for something that is familiar to them in a new host. usually the new host is a family member or friend that is familiar.
when they attatch to the new host they give the new host thoughts and feelings. the new host may see, feel, or think of things they don't recognise. this i think is the reason people begin to believe in past lives etc. the spirit was attatched to someone else and makes the new host think the thoughts were thiers in another lifetime.
the dreams i think are things that happened to the spirits old host. they are trying to attatch to a new host. they have been brought to a new place and are getting familiar with it and those there. i think you need to get rid of those spirits so they can't control anyone around you, including you. eventually they can become part of you and start causing even more problems.
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