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Mar 23rd, 2018, 10:42am

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xx Nancy Louise Garcia, Intuitive Coach Part II
« Thread started on: Apr 6th, 2013, 01:02am »

My next incident was I was driving in a car with a friend who had a daughter who was 4 months pregnant all of a sudden a spirit starts to talk to me. He told me he was the spirit of the baby inside of my friends daughter. He told me what he was going to be named, what personality he was going to have what he was going to look like. He told me what was going on with his mom and dad at the moment since he was hanging around them. I told all of this to my friend and this child is now 10 years old and all has come true to what he told me. I once had a client who was not happy with her life, she was not getting what she wanted. I did a reading for her and found that she had 22 spirits that had possession of her body. They were living inside of her and all of them were influencing her behavior over most of her lifetime. She had serious trauma as a child and it left her vulnerable to spirits that were attached to her. She was into drug use, sexual behavior that was unhealthy, self mutilation of her body. I told her what I saw and she said she wanted them out. I told her I would do it but she must make healthy choices from now and no drugs. If she continued with drugs she would leave herself open to other spirit possessions that were stronger and I would not risk her life like that. She promised me she would stay off drugs, so we started. She relaxed with some meditation and I energetically went in and her body and started pulling them out of her. I set a energy grid to contain them once I pulled them out. She felt no pain but a pressure as each one came out. The pressure was much greater with some spirits that had been in her longer and were male. It took two hours to retrieve them all. The spirits were begging me not to remove them. they were crying and screaming like a cat screeching. Once they were all out and contained, I allowed my client to go and I open up a portal to the other dimension. I called in my spiritual guides to escort them to the other side then shut down the portal. Happy to say she is now with the love of her life and they have a child together living happily. Paul, I have 4 more stories to tell you. Hey, what is with the camera? Oh you want to do the last 4 stories on YouTube? Sure why not?
Special Note: My uncle Jose Causing was once a Zoot Suitor and was involved in the Navy vs. Zoot Suitor War in Los Angeles. Another spelling for Zoot Suitor is Zoot Suiter. Paul Dale Roberts

Next 4 stories can be found at this YouTube link:

Oh Paul….I forgot to mention this on the video, but…. I went to a house that was haunted and asked the spirits to come forward and give us physical evidence that they were here. On camera, I got orbs of light flying through the air, scents of flowers that all of us could smell. I asked a female spirit to rock a rocking chair and she did. It started rocking and rocked all by itself for two minutes.

Question: If people need your help, how can they reach you?

Answer: Yes, that is easy. My phone number 916 871-4906. Email is: NancyLouiseGarcia@gmail.com You can phone and text me! I have an office in Sacramento, CA. I can assist people via phone, SKYPE. I will assist you in my office, your office, your home, Starbucks…wherever you want!

Question: What is Manifestation Program? Please explain.

Answer: For three years I have been developing a Manifestation Program to help people in a very simple and easy way to get what they want in their life whether it is a relationship or it is financial or better health. I promised my Spiritual Guides that gave me this information that I would put the information they gave me in a form that humans would understand and would give it to anyone that would listen at no charge. It is 10 minutes a day, that is it. The program has been tested for two years on my clients and it is very successful.

Question: Here is fun question, if you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical, 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Edgar Cayce, My Mentor Donna, Albert Einstein and for my fictional would be Superman, Molly Weasley from Harry Potter, Aragorn, Ranger of the North from Lord of the Rings!

Question: You have very exotic looks, what nationality are you?

Answer: Half Spanish, Egyptian, American Indian, French.

Question: If you have words of wisdom for your readers, what would those words be?

Answer: Be true to who you really are, always know that you can reach for the stars!


Hey Paul, Thank you so much for helping me with this! I will be driving around the circumpherance of the US stopping to visit lots of haunted sites and attractions. It will be just me and trusty companion Zamora, my standard poodle. I will be camping out of the back of my Jeep at local camp spots and parks or staying with friends. I have been saving up for this adventure but I do have a donate link on my page encase anyone wants to help with the effort. My goal is 6k because thats about how much my car payments would be for one year. If I can at least get that covered I can handle the rest. I will also be offering my services as a pet sitter and senior caretaker along the way. I am offering ad space on my 2011 Jeep Patriot that I will be driving. Its an exciting opportunity for anyone who is interested in getting their business more attention. Their ad will be seen all over the US plus personally advertised through word of mouth by me personally. I will also be doing radio shows and dropping names of businesses and/or organizations as well. If anyone is interested in watching this exciting adventure unfold they can follow me on Facebook at:

Jennifer White!

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