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Mar 23rd, 2018, 10:44am

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xx Spontaneous channeling? Please Advise.
« Thread started on: Apr 6th, 2012, 3:54pm »

Story and question below.

In the summer of 2007 I started having night-terrors, or sleep apnea-terrors. I call them "paralyzing dreams" because when I have them, I feel that I'm awake but paralyzed. And they usually include a terrifying entity or visualisation or demonic kind of sound.
I was relieved when I did some research and learned about sleep apnea, learned that no I was not being attacked by demons- I was half-awake, lots of people experience this, etc. Soon, they became less and less, until I finally stopped having them.
Then, in September of 2010, I went to Seattle with a friend, and one morning I woke up paralyzed. I thought, "oh no.. not again..." and I could hear my friend coming to wake me up. I was hoping he'd shake me, b/c I've come to find that the smallest touch takes me out of the paralysis. Instead, the most bizarre and frightening paralysing "dream" began, as he sat down on the edge of my bed.

From what I've been told by my friend, he shook my leg and told me to wake up. I sat up really rigedly (like in the movies) eyes wide open with a terrified look on my face "Like you were looking at a demon" he says. I vaguely remember this part, and feeling embarrassed, like, I don't want him to see this... what he must be thinking... I'd never had a paralyzing dream where I actually sat up, or moved at all. Hence the "paralyzing" part.

My head turned to the far right, facing the wall. I remember seeing something starting to bulge out of it. This is when my memory starts to fade. Whatever was in the wall (a face?) flew at my head.
Then, according to my friend, I turned to face him and started speaking rapidly in some strange language that "was definately a language, maybe Latin." I remember the sensation of speaking it, that my tongue and the back of my throat were used to speak it... like in Arabic languages. It felt strange, I was losing consciousness, although my eyes were open I couldn't see. My friend, on the other hand, says I was looking at and talking to him.

After my rapid speech, I fell backwards onto the bed and- you tell me why or how- I had a gran mal seizure. I was foaming at the mouth, etc. I know it was a "gran mal" at all because the aformentioned friend is a life-long epileptic.

When it was over I fell into a deep sleep-like state while my horrified friend called the owners of the house, my parents here in New Jersey and an ambulance.

When I woke up I didn't remember much. My entire body ached, I actually laughed at the idea that I'd had a seizure (until I realized said friend was still in tears) but I told him I had a really interesting dream about a boy who told me I'd 'experienced a demon'.

So, here's my question: I did some research on seizures and found there's such a thing as spontaneous speech, just garble as the brain endures the event. I presented this theory to my friend who said no, that can't be it, as at the end of my rant I'd said something along the lines of "I nomini patri et fili et..."

I have no history of any type of seizure, let alone gran mals, and no history of channeling. But I think I did channel. It scared my friend so badly, the bolting up in bed, the look on my face when I looked at the wall, and mostly the way I spoke to him .before. I had a seizure. His sister (the homeowner) told us afterwords that the house was just a little haunted but nothing paranormal had happened there in years.

I have so many questions. It makes sense that there's some worldly explaination for this, but the only witness to it all refuses that theory. It scared him so badly that he won't talk about it when I come up with a question, or ask him to tell me exactly what happened again.
If I did channel, I'd love to know who it was, and what language it was.
Has anyone here ever heard of spontaneous channeling followed by a gran mal seizure? Or channeling during/after a "paralyzing dream"? Any thoughts on this strange story would be very much appreciated.
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