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OCC/Highland Lakes Campus
Post by ZooKeeper on Feb 16th, 2006, 09:18am

My sister in law and myself went to the Oakland Community College(OCC) in Waterford Michigan on Monday Feb 13th 2006. We went in to Highland Hall(which served as a TB hospital back in the day) and attempted to do some evp work in the stairwells where there are reported 'feelings of not being alone' and sightings of ghosts. We then made our way down to the basement(reportedly no one will go down there if no need to. It used to be used as the morgue and tunnels are down there) and wowee what an experience.

Once we entered the basement, we went to the right and just as we were rounding the corner, we heard high heeled footsteps walking swiftly from the other direction. I spoke up rather loudly to play dumb as if we were looking for a classroom and that it was obvious none were down there lol. The footsteps ended, no one came---no one was there! We went the other direction, back past the elevator to the other corner and at the end of the hallway on the left, there was an opening to what we know now as the entrance to the tunnels. The morgue was on the right, with a big lock-locking both doors. We both got this feeling of not belonging there and we then left for the elevator.

Once arriving back in the elevator, my sister in law caught something out of the corner of her eye go past the door. After reviewing the evp's, the footsteps we heard were slightly there and continued on longer than what we heard at the time. They would stop then continue again(on the evp). Also, we captured someone saying 'no' when we first got on the elevator to go to the basement...I said that I had so much time left on my recorder and a voice says 'no'. On the way back up, I mentioned that we probably should do that again, my sister in law laughs as well as 'someone' else. We were the only two there.

From what I have read, people claim that they see things, hear things, feel things and feelings of not being alone. It's also reported that an older gentleman is spotted entering offices..maybe one of those replay kind of hauntings?
Re: OCC/Highland Lakes Campus
Post by Sheena on Feb 16th, 2006, 10:27am

Thats really cool. I went to OCC Highland lakes for a couple semesters but I never got any vibes from that building. However, I didn't spend a great deal of time there either since there isn't really any class rooms. Thats cool that you caught some stuff, Ill have to check out the campus again sometime soon.
Re: OCC/Highland Lakes Campus
Post by azvolpe on Sep 8th, 2011, 9:04pm

I attempted to access the basement but i cant find anything. How did you get there?
Re: OCC/Highland Lakes Campus
Post by ghost worker on Oct 21st, 2013, 3:22pm


Shouldn't be here and walking around like that, I actually work for the college and have been down there. Haven't really heard anything - well not too much. However, I have seen an older man that was hunched over and dissipated into mist form to fly out the front door on the main hallway... took less than a second.

I do constantly see things out of the corner of my eyes, and have felt stuff but it's ever so vague to me.

If you get caught it's truss-passing... just be mindful. That building is closed down, and even if you play silly... we know what you're looking for because most of us have seen it. Nobody is that silly to look for classes in an abandoned building in the basement where the morgue is located. We're not that stupid... we work for a college for a reason. smiley

Wished you posted those EVPs... would've been cool to listen too.