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Jan 21st, 2018, 7:23pm

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xx Minash - Black Bear Shapeshifter Part 2
« Thread started on: Sep 18th, 2010, 3:38pm »

Ok, Here's a run down.
The client's name is XXXXX. He lives in a 2 bedroom downstairs apartment with his wife XXXXXX and 1 year old daughter XXXXX.
XXXXX's father passed in July and that is when things started. He was depressed and would sit outside and look at the stars at night. He started noticing strange things. He believes they are UFO's. He began taking pictures and video of them. Not long after he began to feel a presence in his home. He feels he is being watched. He sees faces in windows and in reflections on glass and the TV, or any reflective surface. He says these faces range from just weird looking "troll" like, to full on demonic looking.
They have been experiencing severe electrical problems. Their computers will crash and fry for no reason, monitors break and won't work, and they constantly get disconnected on all phone calls. They have had a few things go "missing". He feels his daughter is seeing things too, she acts scared and calls for him. He has seen a black helicopter. He has seen other planes and helicopters that make no sound.
He states that when watching TV the TV will turn fuzzy and he sees images in the background. He states that there are signs "someone" has been around the house. Marks in the concrete and breaks that weren't there before. And a strange burning smell around the concrete.
His wife has seen the ufos a few times, but is not experiencing anything that he sees. Friends have witnessed the ufos also, and now won't come back over.
XXXX won't sleep at night and can't function to work. He is a former pharmacy tech and his wife is a former navy recruiter. They seem very genuine and we can't find any reason they would be lying.
Also, when we did the interview, we noticed a VERY HIGH level of EMF thru the entire apartment. No matter where we went, the needle stayed buried. Now, the side of the apartment has power lines, and XXXXX did create a homemade HD antenna on the side of his house. We will have to search for the sources.
The apartments around him are empty. This sounds like something that happened to a friend of mine almost 10 years ago. His story is almost identical.
We are going to do a paranormal and ufo investigation.
Kimberly Phillips
Founder/Lead Investigator
Central Valley Paranormal Searchers
Special Note: Paul Dale Roberts was requested for this Lodi investigation and will be virtually there by cell phone. Investigation is set for Sept September 18, 2010 8pm in Lodi. Paul Dale Roberts and Chantal Apodaca on this night will be celebrating HPI Paranormal Investigator Jennifer Roland's birthday at Stoney Inn, Rockin Rodeo - 1320 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA. Happy Birthday Jennifer! CVParanormal Investigators that will be present at the Lodi Investigation are: Kimberly Phillips, Crystal Scudder and Sherry Andersen. I wish them..' the best of luck'.

Shout out to my fans! Shelly Harding, Audrey Bailey!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Dark View HPI Videos
Email: pauld5606@comcast.net
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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