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Mar 23rd, 2018, 10:45am

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xx Minash - Black Bear Shapeshifter Part 1
« Thread started on: Sep 18th, 2010, 3:37pm »

Interview with Minash - Black Bear Shapeshifter and Tana - Sabertooth Tiger Shapeshifter
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager and Chantal Apodaca/Fortean Senior Lead Investigator www.hpiparanormal.net

Note from Paul Dale Roberts:
To get this interview, I solicited on Facebook that I wanted to interview a shapeshifter, I was contacted by Minash (not his real name). Instead of one shapeshifter, I got two shapeshifters. With 4 Facebook pages, one having 5000 max friends, it's not hard to find what I want. Sometimes I don't need to solicit, the shapeshifters find me. Case example, I recently took my team to Grass Valley and we met a young lady, that I will call Lady V who makes the following claim. She told me that she witnessed her live in boyfriend shapeshift from a human to a Reptilian in Grass Valley. Her boyfriend then informed his Reptilian friends that he was exposed. His Reptilian friends are his neighbors. Lady V found out she lives in a community of shapeshifters and before she knew it, they laid a pipeline to her home. The pipeline releases a gas that places her into a deep sleep. On a nightly basis the Reptilian neighbors dressed in black will go to her home with the help of her boyfriend and take something from her body. She found an incision on her back. The Reptilian neighbors watch her constantly and during the day, they make noises with leaf blowers, lawnmowers, weed whackers to cover up a sinister purpose, that has to do with noises that are out-of-this-world. She would not elaborate. She recently found out she has cancer and she believes the gas that she was exposed to caused the cancer. When we went to investigate and conduct surveillance on her home, she would not allow us to go to her home, she was too paranoid. I had some undercover ops go in late at night and as they parked and conducted surveillance, they were confronted by Lady V's neighbors that asked them to leave or they would call the police. We could not validate the claims of Lady V. We traveled all the way to Grass Valley and were not able to do our jobs. It was like being in the right place, but at the wrong time. That reminds of Dr. John's Song, and you can hear it here:

Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr. John

Now to the interview.

Paul: Minash, who is the lady you brought with you to this interview?

Minash: Her name is Tana, she is my girlfriend, she is also a shapeshifter.

Chantal: Minash, how did you become a shapeshifter and what kind of shapeshifter is Tana?

Minash: I can shapeshift into a black bear. I am part Chnook and Modoc Indian. I used to live in Washington, but I now live in California. Please do not use our real names in this interview.

Paul: Don't worry I won't. When did you start shapeshifting and why a black bear?

Minash: I used to be a hunter and when I fell into a ravine, I startled a mother black bear and her cubs, she swiped my shoulder. (Minash at this time raises up his sleeve to expose 3 line scars). These scars are from the mother black bear. I was lucky she didn't kill me. I went home worst for wear and I was looking in the mirror and placing hydrogen peroxide antiseptic on my bleeding wound, it was bleeding profusely and I was cussing underneath my breath, I was mad as hell and wanted to go back out there and kill that mother bear and her cubs. That is when it happened.

Chantal: What happened?

Minash: When my spirit guide, an Indian man from long ago, probably a Shaman of sorts appeared in the mirror behind me. He placed one hand on my shoulder, he smiled and vanished. Before I knew it, I felt an inner peace, I no longer wanted to kill those bears. I looked into the mirror and my eyes changed, I had the eyes of a black bear, I looked again and I had become a bear.

Chantal: Has anyone ever seen you change?

Tana: I have seen him change twice, it doesn't happen often.

Paul: Tana, I have some questions for you, but, let me get back to your boyfriend, this is fascinating! Minash can you become a black bear by will?

Minash: No, it happens on special occasions.

Chantal: Give us an example.

Minash: One time my friend was changing his car tire and somehow had his leg underneath his jacked up car and the jack got loose and the flat tire pinned his leg. He was screaming. All of a sudden I shapeshifted into a black bear and lifted the car off his leg, he looked at me and was astonished. He later tells me that he saw me shapeshift into a black bear when I lifted the car. He said the shapeshift was only for a minute or so, enough time for me to lift up the car. He now thinks he was delirious during the time from the excruciating pain and imagined what he saw.

Chantal: Oh my god! That is incredible! Tana, how are you a shapeshifter?

Tana: I shapeshift into a sabertooth tiger.

Paul: What??

Tana: You heard me right, I shapeshift into a sabertooth tiger.

Paul: No way, you have to explain.

Tana: When Minash came to Brazil, our instincts as shapeshifters brought us together, it's like a distinct smell...

Chantal: I love your accent Tana..

Tana: Thank you Chantal, as I was saying a distinct smell..I knew there was another shapeshifter on the beach.

Paul: What beach, I have been to Rio de Janeiro!

Tana: Ipanema.

Paul: I have been there..wow...I have stories, but I will talk about that after this interview off the record...(laughing).

Tana: I bet you do Paul. I am a shapeshifter because I was once a Sabertooth Tiger, I was reincarnated into a human, but still have the ability to shapeshift to what I used to be in prehistorical days, a sabertooth tiger.

Paul: When can you shapeshift?

Tana: During times of emergency, such as Minash. I had to be somewhere quickly, my mother was in the hospital and I ran swiftly as a sabertooth tiger, I am somewhat transparent, because when I shapeshifted some people said they saw a phantom cat running through the air for a brief moment. They were talking about me. When Minash and I met, we were attracted to each other amongst a crowd of many, we both looked into each other's eyes and I can see his bear essence as he could see the essence of the Sabertooth. We connected and talked and talked and talked of being shapeshifters.

Paul: This is such an incredible story, do you plan to marry?

Minash: Yes, we have plans.

Tana: Minash, we need to cut this interview, we still have that appointment we must keep.

Minash: Thank you Chantal and Paul for this interview, but we must go. (Minash discusses something here, but I must leave it out by his request).

Minash and Tana leave. Minash and Tana requested no photos be taken of them.

Location of Interview: It's A Grind - Bruceville and Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, Ca
Date of Interview: September 18, 2010, Saturday
Time of Interview: 0900 Hours.



Hello, My name is Heather. I live in Kentucky with my mother and my 3 yr old son. Since we moved in with my mother about 7 months ago, I've noticed that he talks to "people" who doesn't seem to be there. The person that he talks to the most happens to be someone named Robbie. Then last night about 3:30 in the a.m. I was trying to get him back to sleep and out of the blue he told me that he was scared of a certain part of the house. In that part of the house there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms used to be his room but he would awake every night at about 3:30 - 4 a.m. screaming at the top of his lungs. And so he was moved out of that room into another room. The room that used to be his now has a futon in it. I used to sleep in there until two nights in a row, I heard a strange, unexplained noise coming from the closet. Needless to say, I no longer sleep in there. Now we currently have a roommate and she told me a few days ago that she had seen a black figure moving toward her while she lay in bed one night. And just two nights ago she said that something opened the back door and when she went to look, there was no one there. I am wondering if my house could possibly be haunted. And how would I go about getting some professionals here to possibly take a look into it.
Thank you for your time,

Ok, Here's a run down.
The client's name is XXXXX. He lives in a 2 bedroom downstairs apartment with his wife XXXXXX and 1 year old daughter XXXXX.
XXXXX's father passed in July and that is when things started. He was depressed and would sit outside and look at the stars at night. He started noticing strange things. He believes they are UFO's. He began taking pictures and video of them. Not long after he began to feel a presence in his home. He feels he is being watched. He sees faces in windows and in reflections on glass and the TV, or any reflective surface. He says these faces range from just weird looking "troll" like, to full on demonic looking.
They have been experiencing severe electrical problems. Their computers will crash and fry for no reason, monitors break and won't work, and they constantly get disconnected on all phone calls. They have had a few things go "missing". He feels his daughter is seeing things too, she acts scared and calls for him. He has seen a black helicopter. He has seen other planes and helicopters that make no sound.
He states that when watching TV the TV will turn fuzzy and he sees images in the background. He states that there are signs "someone" has been around the house. Marks in the concrete and breaks that weren't there before. And a strange burning smell around the concrete.
His wife has seen the ufos a few times, but is not experiencing anything that he sees. Friends have witnessed the ufos also, and now won't come back over.
XXXX won't sleep at night and c
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