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Mar 23rd, 2018, 05:00am

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xx Hello and Welcome to Me
« Thread started on: Feb 20th, 2012, 05:56am »

Hi, Dave, Mally, Tim- and Forum.

I'm Lauren, in coastal NJ, I'm 23. I've been reading about the paranormal since I was seven years old- was listening to Art Bell streaming through my dial-up AOL in the nineties. I'm a sensitive, I guess is the phrase. It was sporadic throughout my life- sometimes with witnesses on the ghost end of it (yes!).
Thanks to Roger Marsh's inspirational rule: "make your own rules" I'm starting to flex my psychic muscles. Because I came into this young, I've read up on everyone from Edgar Cayce to Dr. Brian Weiss, Whitely Strieber, Dean Radin, the Stargate projects, Raymond Moody, George Anderson.... it goes on and on.

I jumped for joy- literally -as I watched Ghost Adventure's documentary as they caught that apparition and aportation on film. I found Darkness Radio when I watched an episode of Paranormal Challenge. Thank you guys for taking each person seriously, speaking your minds, and always being kind.

The first book I read about ghosts was for children, (I was in the third grade, after all) and when it dawned on me this was fiction I was outraged. So I developed a healthy contempt for hoaxers early in life. (And kids who point and yell "She believes in ghosts! Muahaahaha")

Attempting to share this intrigue with the unknown was not welcome in my third grade classroom, and it's still a touchy subject today.

Your show gives me such a wider range of material than the 4-foot New Age section at Barnes and Noble ever has. I very much appreciate kindness being a rule of this forum - as well as debate. Only the closed mind is certain. I look forward to discussions on the forum.
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