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Mar 23rd, 2018, 10:32am

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xx Hey where all the W_____ women at?
« Thread started on: Jan 25th, 2012, 12:29pm »

Hello again! I just wanted to add that this site, specifically the Darkness Radio podcasts, has officially registered as the root cause for making me buy a new laptop. You see, the IT "professionals" here at work have decided that its too much of a strain on their server for me to down load (1) episode a day, so they BLOCKED any sort of internet radio or tv. They don't seem to understand that the 45 minutes of so or enjoyment I get from listening to Darkness Radio helps to make the day a little more pleasant. So, in order to keep my sanity by maintaining my ability to listen I needed to update my home PC. Hello new laptop! So starting soon I'll be able to load up the ipod with DR at home. And btw, if the IT "Pros" are reading this email (you know, just to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong because GOD knows we need to be monitored like children), maybe you guys should spend more time keeping Oracle from crashing twice a day than figuring out new ways to make our work lives less enjoyable.

Now that I have your attention, Hi y'all! My name is Alex and I am in LOVE with Dave and Tim and Mallie!! I have been listening to DR podcasts for over a year now and I believe that the show is better than AM Coast to Coast. This has EVERYTHING to do with Dave and Tim and Mallie's personalities, especially their senses of humor. So many of paranormal shows take everything so seriously, these folks make things so much fun that an hour show seems to pass in what seems to be a few minutes. And the guests! Everything to the obvious "I've got a new book on top of my 50 others so I had to go about tangential on my previous story line" to people who made me examine what I currently accept as "reality" (without asking me to buy a book). OK what I do, I'm an engineer with a pretty big Auto ID company, been here for 20+ years, no kids (Dave has enough to cover my negligence), happily married, I am fairly skeptical which is odd since while together my wife and I witnessed a rather close flyover by what I guess you would consider a "classic" black triangle "UFO" (in our opinion this was a terrestrial aircraft) PLUS on a different occasion three of the orange orbs (I guess the reason that there are so many similar reports is that the damned things are really buzzing around up there....but alien? Not impossible, but I need to lean towards what Occam's razor slices off). Anyway this board looks like it's been a bit underutilized lately! (I got to cut this short now someone just asked me to dig up a doc change request I put in back in 2010....guess they're looking for something to so).

And anyone who recognized the Subject line as a Cleavon Little line from Blazing Saddles, sorry, the answer I'm looking for is "Wiccan"........"Wiccan".

Seriously peace all hope to chat with you all soon! smiley
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