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Mar 23rd, 2018, 10:35am

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xx Haunted West Roseville Part 2
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Penn & Teller invite Shannon McCabe and Paul Dale Roberts to the “Bull****” of 2012!
It’s Columbus Day as I sit down to write this article. The funny thing about it is, as Columbus was a discoverer so am I. My writing partner Paul Dale Roberts and I were just called by the Showtime Network, and they have asked us to go down to Cancun Mexico with them for the Penn & Teller, “Bull****” show. They want us to discover the mystery of 2012. Now, if you have ever seen the Penn & Teller “Bull****” show, you know that they will be ripping us a new one on just about everything we “discover”. Bring it on I say! Let me tell you a little about the Maya people and their calendar that ends on December 21st, 2012.
The Mayans were a very intelligent society that excelled in Mathematics and Astronomy. They were also very prolific writers. The Mayans were so well versed in Astronomy that they predicted that the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, would come into alignment with our Sun possibly causing a huge Axis shift that could send us into catastrophe. They predicted this to happen in 2012.
On a metaphysical level, some think that 2012 will bring our planet to a higher spiritual transformation.
If you ever listen to Riley Martin on Sirius Station, Howard 101, he claims that in 2012 the world will come into a spiritual transformation, and that the Biaviian (pron. Be-Ah-Vi-An) aliens will actually come down out of the sky and let us on to their Mother Ship.
On a more scientific level some believe that 2012 could end in an apocalypse and the end of our modern world as we know it.
My question is what should humankind expect on Dec. 21, 2012, when the Maya's "Long Count" calendar marks the end of a 5,126-year era? Did they just run out of rock to carve and trees for their paper? God only knows…
Here Are Some Facts
Date founded:
250 AD rise of the Maya civilization
Place founded:
Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Western Honduras, & El Salvador
Supporters & Followers:
At one time up to 2 million. Today, several million Maya practice a Roman Catholicism that retains many elements of traditional Mayan religion.
Polytheism, they believed in more than one god.
Main gods:
Itzamná, Kukulcán (Quetzalcóatl), Bolon Tzacab, Chac
Astronomy, divination, human sacrifice, elaborate burial for royalty, worship in stone pyramid-temples, prolific writing on actual papyrus made from the local trees, carvings in stone that mark their daily activities.
Society Colapse:
The Mayan Society collapsed in 1200 AD, and the reasons are unknown.

In the late 18th Century explorers discovered pyramids, monoliths, temples, and plazas all deep in the Guatemalan Rainforest decorated in carved pictures and hieroglyphs. The ancient Mayans had been keeping very good records of their civilization through these carvings which brings me to the wonderful man named, Diego De Landa.

De Landa was a Spanish priest, and in July 1562 he found carvings of what he found to be the “Devil’s work”. These carvings were of human sacrifice. He was so self- righteous that he had 5000 Mayan Idols demolished, along with all but three of their papyrus books. This is probably why we don’t know much of the Mayan civilization today. Luckily the temples and pyramids were made of stone and were not easily destroyed and we can still visit them today.

On a good note, De Landa did not destroy one very important book, the Relación de las cosas de Yucatán (1566). It was reprinted in 1864 and gave us a phonetically accurate look at the Mayan Hieroglyphs. Another book that was very significant was the Dresden Codex. The Dresden Codex was named after the city it was found in.

In 1880 a German scholar named Ernest Forstemann cracked the code of the Mayan hieroglyphs so that many of the carvings on the existing pyramids could be translated into what we now know as the Mayan Calendar.

As I mentioned earlier, the Mayan Calendar is called a “Long Count” calendar. It spans over 5000 years and happens to end at December 21st, 2012. There are many ways to look at this: One, The end of our modern civilization as we know it. Two, the beginning of a spiritual awakening where the world will be peaceful and serene. Three, Nothing will happen and the world will go on just like it did on January 1st, 2000. Remember Y2K? Funny wasn’t it?

There are many unsolved mysteries to this Mayan Calendar and the 2012 mystery. And I, Shannon McCabe, plan on finding out just what they are… Stay tuned, in the next month when I return from Chichen Itza I will recount everything I saw, felt, heard, and experienced at the Mayan Ruins. In fact, Showtime has gotten me a really cool HD, infrared camera to record a digital diary of the trip. I will also be bringing all my other equipment so that I can possibly capture some EVP’s and maybe even some UFO activity, remember the “Mother Ship” that Riley Martin talks of? And although Penn & Teller are probably going to rip me to shreds for my findings, I welcome them with open arms. I have been a very big fan of their skeptical humor, and those who know me, know I am a skeptic myself. I am sure as Bull**** that they will make me look like a complete idiot and I am lovin’ it! Chichen Itza here we come!

I’ll be reporting my findings soon… !Ariba!

Shannon McCabe
President, H.P.I. International
(Haunted & Paranormal Investigations)

Shannon McCabe

Ghost Girls TV

Showtime’s Penn & Teller Bull**** Show

Celebrities I Met (REVISED 11/20/2017)
During my lifetime I came across many celebrities. More by accident than on purpose. I want to name a few that I met and explain to you how I met them. Let’s start off with Edward James Olmos. As a government worker, he was involved with a function at my government office and I saw him walking on the sidewalk, along the building and I stopped him for a picture with my co-worker. Real nice guy. When I was headed over to Hawaii, I met up with Kam Fong Chun who played Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii 5-0. I walked up to him and shook his hand and told him I enjoyed watching him on Hawaii 5-0 and he thanked me. He asked me how long I was going to be staying in Hawaii. I told him it was a layover and that I was headed to Thailand and he laughed. I met many comic book creators at the 1997 San Diego International Comic Con, but the one creator that stands out is meeting the friendly and nice Stan Lee. I went up to Stan and shook his hand. We gave Stan Lee the Peoples' Comic Book Newsletter Tribute to Stan Lee Award. He appreciated the award.

Hopalong Cassidy. When I was a small boy living in Fresno, my dad took me to a parade. We came across Hopalong and he picked me up in the air and said I was a good looking boy. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I first saw Arnold filming a movie at the Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles, he was filming True Lies. His stunt double was on a horse and the horse collapsed and slid on the carpet. The horse slid so hard, some of his thigh leg skin peeled off. Later I met Arnold when he became Governor of California and I shook his hand and came across him 3 more times. One time saw him in the basement with his security guards and he stared right at me. Ted Nugent. Met Ted when he was sitting in my Branch Chief's office getting his hunting license. Shook hands with Ted, nice guy. When I was attending the event Witchapalooza at Cal-Expo in Sacramento, it was my media job to interview two celebrities that was attending this event. They were: Kristy Swanson aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Malcolm McDowell. When it came to interviewing Malcolm McDowell, my questions were focused for Roddy McDowall. Malcolm looked at me and said: "You have the wrong McDowall." I was so embarrassed and immediately started talking about Clockwork Orange in which Malcolm was the star. Fortunately for me, Malcolm enjoyed talking about that movie. Meeting Malcolm was my most embarrassing moment in meeting a celebrity.

I never met Barbi Benton, but my dad did. He used to work in the same government building as Barbi and one day he asked Barbi: “Barbi, since you are Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, when are you going to quit your State job?” Barbi said: “Not yet, but getting close.” While Arnold was governor, I rode the elevator once with his wife Maria Shriver, nice lady.

I saw Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter in action with his men as they were trying to apprehend a criminal at a State building. When I lived in Citrus Heights, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez was dating my roommate, so I met him a couple of times. I met Edwin Meese’s brother, who worked at a government building that I worked in. While walking near K Street Mall in Sacramento, a limo pulled up to the red light and in the back seat, window rolled down was Dick Cheney. Dick looked at me and smiled.

At a nightclub in Citrus Heights called Bobby McGee’s I made eye contact with Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, a wrestler. Buzz Sawyer was focused on me and I was focused on him. I walked up to him and told him I would watch him wrestle on TV, when I was stationed in the Southern States. We talked and became friends. Buzz on one night at this club, lifted me up and carried me all around the night club. I asked Buzz to please, put me down, it was embarrassing. While working at Harrah’s Tahoe, met Cher and shook her hand, I was living and working with Jeff Kutache’s Dancing Machine. Cher was very nice and polite. At Hilton’s Tahoe, met up with Bill Cosby and the Allman Brothers. My most memorable encounter was with Erin Moran as she was playing the slot machines. She asked me what slot machine was hot for winners. I pointed out a couple, she lost her money and she looked at me and said…”you liar!”

While I lived in Palm Springs for a while, I went to a night club and Dennis Farina sat next to me. Dennis was not a star yet and I told Dennis that I was applying for movie roles in Los Angeles and that I had the Guinness
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