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Ouija boards, seances, and the moving planchette
Post by Lighthawk Demon on Sep 24th, 2006, 5:39pm

I love watching paranormal shows about allegedly true ghosts and hauntings no matter which ones they are.

I can even tolerate Most Haunted.

But there's one thing that really gets to me, and that's that damned ouija board with the moving planchette that EVERYONE claims they're not moving. But they all have their hands on it because, supposedly, their energy is necessary for the spirit or entity to manipulate it... right?

I'm not much of an artist or a creative person, but I would like to propose for those that do use an ouija board with a planchette or similar device to consider creating something similar to this...

User Image

It's an idea that came to me while watching an episode of MH where they were all using a glass to denote a spirit's presence and it's apparent will by asking questions and telling it to move the glass.

My design (if you can even call it that) can be applied to any planchette-type device. The idea is to eliminate the human factor all together. The wires should be of an energy conductive material and the ends connected to each of the participants finger tips. This way we can eliminate once and for all whether or not it's being pushed by anyone. The energy should still be there for the spirit to use and we the viewers would get a real good show if that damned thing actually moves all around the table all on its own.
Re: Ouija boards, seances, and the moving planchet
Post by Leikela on Dec 12th, 2006, 6:45pm

I had to read that post at least twice to grasp what you were saying. I understand it now though. That's a very interesting idea!!

I don't use Ouija boards though, but for people that do, that just might work.
Re: Ouija boards, seances, and the moving planchet
Post by PsychicBelinda on Dec 25th, 2006, 11:44pm

I like the idea and the design. That is something that should be looked into. I think it is a brilliant beginning.
Re: Ouija boards, seances, and the moving planchet
Post by DawnSandum on Jan 3rd, 2007, 02:12am

rolleyes I personally have left the board at age 12. But I do have a reader very reputable from The UK that is quite excellent He does use the Ouija Board. His name is Peter and He calls it the glass eye. In his fifties and a cool accent it sounds quite exotic, But as with any tool cards ect. The readers intention and protection all important to NOT bringing in anything UNDESIRED, I was at a film shoot with 702 Productions. The camera guy Marks girlfriend was a sweetheart but very *afraid* I had won her trust and told her some info about her and her sisters disagreements that only she knew. So she hung tight with me all day Then later that night at the location, she had developed a false security hanging with the Goddess ~ because in the basement of this Haunted House she found a Ouija board and she wanted to do it. YOU know she claimed something tried to come up her arm. She was I kid you not almost hystrical. The next day she would not enter the house. Even get out of the van. If you use a tool and are wide open, You can not trust what comes thru. You can ask it point blank Who are you? Even then you better make sure you have a clear mind and protected spirit. Even a little sign or token of God on you. From my experience bring a Back up , rosaries have a way of disappearing. Especially if you do this often. shocked
Re: Ouija boards, seances, and the moving planchet
Post by Alex on Feb 23rd, 2012, 10:15am

True story - just after we were married my wife picked up a Ouija Board from some place or another. That night she had a dream that time had passed and we had a little boy. The dream went on where our son was maybe four or five and out playing in the backyard and she heard him speaking to someone. She looked outside and saw a man talking to him, she asked the man who he was and the man replied "it's OK". He then pulled a gun from his waistband, put it against our son's head and killed him. She woke up screaming. Regardless if the Ouija board had anything to d with it or not the next day she took it back to wherever she got it from. We will be married 25 years and she has never had another dream like that again. We also never had children (that of course was our choice, but to deny that that incident played less than a small part would be disingenuous). True Story.