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« Thread started on: Mar 29th, 2014, 01:57am »

Interview with Mark Cisper, Author – The Princess Slave – Mei’s Song
Wisdom Still Burns Deep – Selected Poems
Interviewed by Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Paranormal Investigator
HPI (Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence) International
Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations
Email: pauld5606@comcast.net

Interview Date: March 28, 2014 Friday
Time of Interview: 6:30pm
Location of Interview: Starbucks, 1440 E. Hammer Lane, Stockton, CA
Present at Interview: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

Question: Please tell us something about yourself – your family life – hobbies, recreational activities – TV shows you like – movies you like – books you like, etc.

Answer: I have always hated this question because I never know what to say; honestly I never have all that much to say to make it interesting. That being said let’s see if I can fill you in on what you have asked.

Let’s address the family first. The name Cisper is extremely rare. In fact, I am the only Mark Cisper in the entire world. I did a little cursory search on the name and came up with a statistic that there are less then 100 Cisper’s in the entire world. Before I more on let say that I know quite a few of them and have playfully referred to us in California as the California Cisper Clan. Don’t you simply love alliteration?

As for the next three phases of the question; they all kind of fall under the same category…the paranormal. Where writing has always been my first love; paranormal investigating is my second love. In fact, I am a very proud team leader of San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research; which also happens to be a TAPS Family member. So that is where the TV connection comes in. Sadly I haven’t had access to TV in like 2 years.

Quickly just to close this up, I usually read Star Wars novels thus it should be evident that I love Star Wars movies.

Question: Mark, you recently published The Princess Slave – Mei’s Song, but before you published, you had a first novel called Marina’s Cries, what is that story about and will it be available on Lulu?

Answer: I did and yes it will be available in 2015. Marina’s Cries began simply as an experiment. The inception of the book began as I was beginning to struggle in my abilities to write my poetry; I have referred to my writer’s as a Creative Coma. I digress, the year 2003 and I decided what if I tried writing a novel. Purpose one was to write something completely different from what I normally write to completion. In doing so I also hoped that I would be able to incorporate some poetry in the mind frame of other people. To me it didn’t matter whether or not it was good or bad. It was successful in all accounts. Side note: the novel was begun on September 27, 2003 and was completed on December 29, 2003.

In a note shell the story is very loosely based upon some spirits which reside in my home. It is written in two parts. The first is the story of Marina and her husband; along with servant girls that were also brothel workers. Not wanting to give too much away there is much sexual tension and turmoil. Eventually Marina and the servants along with a mistress are brutally murdered. Before death, Marina secreted away her writings and art work hoping that some day they would be discovered.

In the second part of the story the main character is basically like me who so happens to win a very large jackpot from a lottery ticket. This leads to finding a beautiful woman and a very meaningful relationship finally entering his life. The spirits take pains to communicate with him as he sort of has a kindred spirit with Marina. Eventually this leads to revealing the hidden treasures of Marina to this couple and she and the other spirits make their final journey to heaven.

Question: Now tell us something about The Princess Slave. What inspired you to write this novel? What is the storyline? Who are the main characters?

Answer: The Princess Slave is essentially a three year story about a rather rich man meeting another man that deals in the underground sex slave trade; who introduces and young Chinese girl on her 18th birthday. Through the three year journey the min male character, John, takes it upon himself to encourage and guide with his connection Mei’s personal dreams and aspirations. Mei is transformed into a simple submissive sex slave into a woman of independence, so long as she is with John, to explore writing, modeling, painting, Hollywood movies as well as adult film.

I don’t want to go into many details but let me add that this book also includes some international and political intrigues as well which add to the entire story line. In closing the book is oozing with sex.

I really don’t know what inspired me to write it except to say that perhaps I desired to write another novel with dark sexual theme.

Question: You have a future novel coming out and it’s got short stories about the erotic vein, can you tell us about that?

Answer: In June I’m releasing a book of erotic short stories called The Naked Pleasures of…. Originally these stories were written in the form of poetry. However, I decided that these pieces would be better suited to a book of their own. Still using a bit of Poetic License, I converted them to a more story like format; yet different. I am not ashamed to say that these stories may be very badly written but I decided that I wanted to present them in their most raw form with out taking the time to overly edit or rewrite the stories.

Question: Why do you center on stories with an erotic background?

Answer: This is a tough question but in short I guess you can say that the saying of “sex sells” may be the reason. However, despite the highly erotic themes I think that I incorporate a fairly good amount of romance as well and some good use of heartfelt words of love.

Question: You are a paranormal investigator. What is the name of your group and how many investigations have you been on? What is the most significant case that you were involved in?

Answer: I mentioned this earlier but I am very proud to be a Team Leader of San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research; based right here in Stockton, CA along with the Team Founder Cristl Phillips and Co-Founder Jaimee Lee. The team has been around for quite awhile and can be considered the premiere paranormal investigation team in San Joaquin. I think we have been a team in this regard close to 10 years, give or take a few years. I in no way can even give a guesstimate of how many cases I have been on in that time.

There are quite a few significant cases I have had great personal experiences on. The most significant, however, I cannot discuss due to confidentiality reasons. So, I will simply give an example of a recent case to indicate that I truly believe that my name is rather well known upon the other side. In this instance I was feeling a lot of cold spots; let me make it clear that I am one who seldom experiences cold spots. Anyway, I was particularly feeling cold in on my right elbow in a room which was rather too warm and stuffy to my liking. It went on for quite some time. Going over audio later I came across one of many evp’s in this room of a woman stating, “I am going to touch Mark Cisper.”

Question: Will you be involved in writing a paranormal book?

Answer: In essence I have already incorporated my interest in the paranormal in my novel Marina’s Cries; which I might add I wrote before I became involved in the investigative aspect of my life. Also, the novel I am currently working on called Courtney’s Charge which delves into the paranormal as well.

Now, if you are referring to a non fiction piece regarding San Joaquin Valley Paranormal Research then the answer is that it is being considered.

Question: Now to the fun questions. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 fictional, 3 historical, who would they be?

Answer: Wow!!! Loaded question but I think you are looking for a particular answer and I guess I won’t be disappointing you. For the fictional characters I would choose, Mei and best friend Najeeba from The Princess Slave along with Marina from Marina’s Cries. As for the historical figures…well, Jesus Christ would be one. The other two, hmm…maybe George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Question: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you?

Answer: Plenty of food, water, and wine; cooking instruments; and the most important: a few beautiful women for human companionship.

Question: Can you share a poem?

Answer: Sure, here’s one called Ecstasy in Death. It is written in a serious of haikus. The poem essentially describes the last moments of an old mans life before death. This poem also contains the line in which made me desire to call my first book of selected poetry Wisdom Still Burns Deep.

Fire runs through my veins—
Salty water seeps from eyes,
Ceasing now all pain.


Gray hair limply falls
Upon a face beaten with age.
Wisdom still burns deep.


Fading is wisdom
As ancient fingers of time
Takes hold of my heart.


Short, sharp pain I feel—
As my limbs begin to numb;
Submerged in white light.


Last breath seeps from my
Lungs—pure ecstasy enwraps
As I meet my God

Question: How can people buy your books? How can you be contacted?

Answer: My books are available at lulu.com. The Princess Slave: Mei’s Song is also available at amazon.com. I leave you with a link to my website just to learn a bit about me and you can also find a direct link at the very top of each page that will lead you to my books at lulu.com. My website: http://theinsanepoet.wix.com/mark-cisper--author

Question: Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: They say that the best way to be a writer is to write what you know. I will not dispute this, however, I feel that even if you don’t know what you are writing about and simply using your imagination then that is a good pol
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