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Jan 19th, 2018, 9:49pm

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xx Ghost Adventures - The SciFi documentary
« Thread started on: Sep 19th, 2007, 9:50pm »

Have you seen this show?
I bet a few of you have.

Here is my take on the show
The documentary is made by three amateur-filmaker and paranormal investigators.
This documentary was a collection of 3 years of filming and compilation of the material.
Their first object to investigate in the documentary was the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada.
A well known place for paranormal investigators in Nevada because of the reported sightings there.
During the night they got quite a few experinces and phenomenon but the most interesting was, what you call, a full-body apparition.

It was caught on one of their stationary infrared cameras they had put on a tripod in the back of one of the rooms facing the whole room and the windows.
In the far distance outside the window a light from a opposite house or maybe a streetlight was visible.
This light wasnt blinding in any way.
One of the guys in the crew had been in their doing some EVP-recording by himself (IIRC) and did leave the room exiting to the right , from viewing through the cameras posistion.
A few seconds after leaving the room you could see the outlining of a figure entering from the left.
It had a hazy expression and is barely visible, but it walked right across the room in a determined manner and exiting to the right where the other guy a few seconds earlier left.
When the apparition passed the lightsource from outside the window, it slightly dimmed out the light passing it which would indicate that it passed the light as it was.
The meaning of this is, that if it was as suggested by critics that this was a overlay from either a pre-recording on this tape or a fluke signal from some outside source it wouldnt have dimmed out the light.

I myself doesnt have the expertise to determine if this is the fact but it sound quite reasonble.
In a interview with Zach Bagans (the lead investigator) a few quiestions was raised about the circumstances of the cameras and what kind of recording technique they used.
They used regular magnetictape to record, and not digitally as was suggested.
They always used new, never recorded-on, tapes.
He stated that they had literally a store-room with magnetictapes they used up.
So it wasnt a image from a pre-recorded image that bleed over.
They didnt use wireless cameras either that would assume a outside signal was picked up by the camera.

They had this piece of tape of the event examined by a Forensic Video Analyst named Slim Ritchie.
Who this guy is and where he work or his credentials I dont know.
He stated he was a forensic video analyst with ten years of experience, but other than that we dont know.
He did first a view of the tape as it is and did point out the fact that the apparition slightly blocked out the outside lightsource as it passed it.
He then ran it through a Vectorscope to determine if the tape was alterd in any way or if there where an overlay signal in it.
(You can read here what a Vcetorscope is >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vectorscope )
He could not find and traces of that, he did also invert the sequence and change the light and you could now clearly see the image of the apparition walk pass.

Why the fact that they used magnetictape to record this and not digital is important is, because its said that an overlay signal is harder to see and trace in a digital recording.
Wheter this is true or not, I dont know.
But it has been pointed out by someone and was therefore stressed by Zach Bagan that they used magnetictape for the recording.

One of their next venture, of interest, was to investigate the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada >> http://www.legendsofamerica.com/NV-GoldfieldHotel.html
They did spend the day there with a women named Virginia Ridgway who had worked there for almost her entire life and still lived nearby.
She walked them through the hotel and told them about the diffrent sightings there and her own experiences there.
Then that night they asked to be locked in there at the hotel by the caretaker.

Why they wanted to be locked in one could only speculate.
One thing could be that it was a symbolic act that they put on themself to stay the whole night whatever happend.
The other point might be that they wanted to be sure that no one else entered the building that night to f**k around with them.

Anyway, now it was just the two of them inside the whole hotel and they wanderd around the diffrent rooms and places where it was said to have been sightings and experiences from people.
They had a few things happend to them that startle them but nothing to write home about.

A few hours into the investigation they headed down the basement (its always the G.D. basement, isnt it ļ )where it was said to be quite some activity.
When they been down there for a little while and walked around provoking whatever was down there with aloud taunting they heard some scuffling from a room down the corridor.
It was some quite loud noises of things moving around, they where a bit hesitant to walk further at first.
After a while they grow a pair of balls and went down there.
As they turned to walk into the room from where they thought the sound came from, things took off..literally.
Entering the room we could see some rubble on the floor to the left with stones and a few boards lying on the floor.

This one brick of rubble take off across the room with some heavy force and speed and hit the opposite wall almost.
The guys acted on suprise and fear and hauled ass.

I dont know what there previous experinces are as paranormal investigators or if they ever encounterd simular poltergeist activity such this, but I would bet this took the cake.
I would dare anyone, that under the same circumstances as they had, only two guys in a basment, darker than the ass of a coal-miner, in a empty hotel, silly aclock in the night see a heavy stone-brick taking off with force like this and not feel threaten by it, and not considering to GTFO.

Seeing an apparition, hearing a disembodied voice, a light-orb, whatever isnt a direct threat.
Sure it could freak you out, but this was a heavy object flying across the room with force that would surely hurt you if it hit you.
For all they knew the next thing could be aimed at them.

If GhostHunters where there they would at first have a entourage of around 10 people in a big place like this I believe.
With all the camera guys and sound guys.
They would probably be atleast four of them down there, 2 investigators and 1 cameraman and 1 soundguy.
Then probably just a few seconds away, the rest of the crew investigating.
There is a considering force in strenght of numbers and the comforting feeling it gives no matter whats happening.

I belive they would have hauled ass just the same at first, but they wouldnt left the hotel.
They would have gone down there and investigated further when the first shock subsided but would be stupid if they were not cautious.
I would not consider anyone brave if they strode in the room and saying ¡¨WTF is going on around here¡¨ when bricks flying around,¡K more stupid.

Anyway, they had this footage and did once again had it analyzed by the same forensic video-analyst.
He did this time check with some editing tools to see if any sorth of string, regardless colour or material was attached to the brick and found none.
He didnt find any tampering with the video using the Vectorscope again.
He cleaned up the footage with some filters and found another strange thing that wasnt visable at first.
The brick was coming from the left off the pile of rubble but to the right, on the opposite wall of the door-opening ,there was a smaller board that took off and spun through the air in the opposite direction of the brick
Another thing with this brick is that as it took off it looks kinda strange, as if it was held and followed by a force the first bit of its flight and then let go, and as it was it started spinning.
Also, just when it takes off, it raises a bit first and then flies away.

In the analyze the whole sequence with the brick is slowed down, so it doesnt seem to be such force with it.
But in the scene when it happend you could really see what speed it had and the force it took off with.

(more in next post)
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xx Re: Ghost Adventures - The SciFi documentary
« Reply #1 on: Sep 19th, 2007, 9:52pm »

So, to the questioning part.
If this event with the brick was faked somehow, and we start out with the hypothesis that the forensic video analyst wasnt in on it.
How would a brick be flying like this?
For starters, either pulled or pushed.
The analyst ruled out a string of any colour or material in the footage and the vector of the brick, in the angle it had, considering it was pulled somehow.
What would be needed to push a brick like this?
Well, either a mechanical or pneumatic device.
A mechanical device would have some sort of spring or a plattform that pushes it away.
None of that is visable at the point that the brick took of, and it would probably have been seen just as the brick took off.
Another thing that speaks against the push-theory is the fact that the raising of the top of the brick when it takes off.
Also would a sound of the, either the spring mechanic, or a pneumatic device been heard I believe.
There is a cut-out of sound, the few seconds after the brick took off, thats when he screams Holy sh*t, but nothing as the brick took off.
If it was a pneumatic device it would also be likely to see a gust of dust when it launches the brick, but none is seen.

For the pulling part.
If it been pulled it would been likely to see the string coiling up in the analyze since the brick goes in an arch.
If its pulled by some mechanical means it would keep that trajectory the whole time and take off in a possible 45 degree angle the whole time for the coiling of the string not to been seen somehow.
Now instead, it goes in a arch trajectory which kinda speaks against the pulling theory.
Then its also a questoning, was it really a brick?
Was it made of stone, or was it just a sponge or a lighter material, made up to look like a brick?
If it was a sponge it would behave quite diffrently from what we see and yet again, no string and no visable sign of a pushing mechanism and I belive the same thing goes for another lighter material.
Then its the third theory, that any given sceptic always say –” They where all in on it, prove me wrong”
Well for one, if this guy Slim Ritchie is a Forensic Video Analyst and work in the field as a forensic to the law-enforcement somehow his ass would be on the line caught tampering with footage.
Maybe not cause it would be illegal to make a scam like this, but it would diminish his credibility in the line of work he has to be let to do such a thing, even if it was just for ”fun”.

So, does ”the buck stop” with Slim Ritchie?
Or does Slim Ritchie even exist and is this a Blair Witch and in a few months they jump and say : –”Gotcha”
Or as George W Bush said: -” There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on……… shame on you. Fool me …….. you can't get fooled again."

Maybe he was about to say : -” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

What do you think of it?

PS. I might have missed out on a few things or misinterpret some other, so if you find any, point them out please.
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xx Re: Ghost Adventures - The SciFi documentary
« Reply #2 on: Nov 22nd, 2007, 3:51pm »

Zak Bagans and the others that are part of this group are clever however I have a strong feeling that these people will be show as the hooligans they are and I believe that it will bring the whole community down.

A watched their show as it re-aired last night. One where they are in a cemetery with the undertaker that liked to gas people in some tomb. You see on the video when they sit down next to the tomb gate a moth clearly flies into his back and they all freak out and run like kids.

Now the whole Gold Hill Hotel with the apparition that dims the light. I looked at that film and they say it was recorded on magnetic tape, well it must of been a digital effect or something but I clearly say jumps in the movement of Nick as he left the room. I've seen this with poor digital equipment being a investigator myself. I've also seen latency images with digital equipment, movement when nothing is in the room when it's really just some type of reflection of the movement earlier in the room. Nothing unworldly here.

Not to be obtuse I also found it odd how they refuse to share the footage with the community however a guy named 'Slim Ritchie' can be trusted. Just my two cents
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xx Re: Ghost Adventures - The SciFi documentary
« Reply #3 on: Nov 28th, 2009, 6:36pm »

Hmm. Well, i'm novice at best to film, didn't go to film school, so i can't look at something and say yup, magnetic tape or what have you..but i throughly enjoyed the Ghost Adventures Documentary. At the point that they made the doc, they clearly stated that they were not pros to paranormal investigating, but i always figured that trial and error (as well as the experiences of those who paved the way) was the best method of becoming an investigator. I love their style, too. The taunting is just their approach, and Zak always says he means no disrespect to the dead, but on purpose the GAC goes for locations that have:
-paranormal physical contact, usually violent or harmful to the living in nature
-dark history
so the taunting is a method to draw the evil ones to them, rile them up, and hopefully encourage them to manifest or make themselves known. And thusfar it's been wildly successful. And speaking of dark history, i love the fact that they research each location before each lockdown, and interview eyewitnesses, past and or previous workers (or owners) of the location, as well as other credible sources (other investigators, law enforcement, priest, etc..) to get more knowledge on how to handle each place. So they're not just going in screaming and making a general nuisance of themselves, their is a method to the madness. I love that they are in complete darkness (except for night vision, which they can't see) and that they stay the entire night. It allows for a through investigation and enough time to get evidence of paranormal activity. They use new pieces of equipment, and keep their minds open to use others, such as psychics and mediums. I'm not sure what that has to do with the Documentary, except that it was the beginning! Now Ghost Adventures is in it's 3rd season and next friday they are returning to The old Washoe Club! And with 5 yrs of investigating since the Documentary, i, for one, can't wait to see it!

A huge GA fan!
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